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  • First fpv wing

    Hello to all, I'm having trouble with my first wing build I need some help please.

    Here's the back story. I've built half a dozen fpv mini quads, and I love mini quads but I wanted longer flight time/range so I settled on a fpv wing that would run the multitude of 4s batteries i have. Since this is the first rc plane I've ever flown or built I figured I would get foam board and some free plans. I settled for "flight test goblin". I'm running a speedybee f4 flight controller, Inav 2.3 so I can have pos hold, waypoint mission and the like, with iflight bl-heli 32 45amp esc I had a few spares of wired to a 2306 2400 kv motor. Here's the problem, I can't get the ecs to calibrate. I either end up with throttle at top end of stick travel only or full throttle at all stick positions. I've tried calibrating from transmitter high throttle and through inav output tab to no avail. I'm at the end of my knowledge and any help would be great

    Thanks in advance,

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    You should be able to calibrate the esc as normal. With the power off have the stick in the up most position. Power on the esc and listen for the beeps, once beeps go to min throttle. Should be set.

    Word of advice... ditch the fc and just get a receiver and fly basic. This will teach you so much more, rather than relying on the fc to fly. This will also save many headaches for you.


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      Unfortunately I have 0 iNav experience. Let me poke around a bit and see if I can find anything..


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        It’s weird that it won’t calibrate in the configurator on the motor tab. But that ESC should work with Dshot, so you could set it to that and then calibration is irrelevant.

        does everything else work in the configurator? Like the bars on the receiver tab are all correct, etc?


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          Thank you sir !!